• CREPE CITY Magazine Issue 003 | Clyde



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  • Everything that is essential. And nothing that is not.

    You’ll read that phrase a few times throughout this magazine, being the cornerstone of the adidas Equipment line at the start of the 1990s. It’s a fitting mantra to describe this issue, as subconsciously we’ve followed it almost religiously when approaching the task of rethinking this magazine from top to bottom over the last six months.

    Those of you who’ve picked up issues 01 or 02 will notice change, and lots of it. The most noticeable is our new format we’ve gone bigger. More room for the amazing photography we commission and more breathing space for those insightful words found throughout. After exploring a multitude of options, we felt the format that you hold right now was the truest to our original vision of CREPE CITY Magazine, while moving us in a new direction.

    Next up is typography. We’ve partnered with the incredibly talented people at Colophon Foundry to exclusively use their typefaces. You’ll feel their effect almost instantly, making the magazine a more unique and calm reading experience. These typefaces are pure quality, and to say our designer was excited when we confirmed this partnership is an understatement. Coincidentally, Colophon Foundry are situated very close to us in East London, so it felt like an organic partnership and we’re delighted to be working with them.

    The flow of the magazine is the other thing we spent a lot of time thinking about since issue 02 and this issue sees us depart from our previous content architecture of SNEAKERS, COLLECTING, and CULTURE, leaving those words to stand firm as the magazine’s tag-line. Moving away from those restrictions, you’ll now find a more developed and balanced flow throughout the magazine.

    Again, we continue to work with some of the best names in our industry and beyond. This issue welcomes a selection of new writers and creative talent, as we continue to work our way through our wish-list of people to collaborate with.

    There’s a collection of smaller details that got tweaked, adjusted, rethought, replaced, or simply chopped. Nothing was sacred (OK, some things were sacred, but let me enjoy the drama for a moment). For us, this issue is as close as we can get to the magazine we first imagined when we set out on this project. It would seem that the process of creating this magazine is complex, revealing its true self to us issue by issue. And it’s a journey I’ve come to truly enjoy.

    Hopefully when you get to the end of this milestone issue you’ll agree with us that we’ve achieved our goal: everything that is essential.

    Alex Powis

    Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief