• Private Seller Tables - Crepe City Manchester 13.03.22



    Crepe City Manchester


    13th March 2022


    Our Private Seller Tables are for :

    Individuals selling their personal shoes, Customisers, Artists 

    These tables are not for clothing brands or shops.

    We will be unable to allow sellers to bring products in that use a 3rd parties trademarks/ logos without permission, eg: printing Supreme on Nike Football Shirts, or "Sean Wotherspoon" Keychains / phone cases, door mats. ETC, ETC, ETC....


    Please read for table packages: 

    2 tables - 6 ft wide, 5ft deep

    4 tables - 12ft wide, 5ft deep

    6 tables - 18 ft wide, 5 ft deep

    Clothing Rail = SPACE to bring a clothing rail - seller to provide own rail

    To avoid disappointment please read the descriptions below about the other types space we offer before making a purchase. 


    NOTE: Arrangement and location of tables is at Crepe City's discretion and you will be notified of your location on the day.

    Private Seller Restrictions: 

    • You can not use these tables for your own clothing brand
    • No sneaker cleaning products
    • Anyone selling fakes will be removed from the event without a refund.
    • Please bare in mind that this is a community event when pricing shoes for your table.
    • Please be aware Crepe City holds the rights and usage to all images taken by our photographers within the event. 

    For larger brands or more space please contact ron@crepecity.co.uk.


Private Seller Tables - Crepe City Manchester  13.03.22